Universal Nutrition Animal Pak 44 Packet

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Universal Nutrition Animal PM

Every serious athlete knows that there are three places where gains are made: the gym, the kitchen, and the bedroom. Unfortunately, most people let the third member of this trifecta fall by the wayside, whether you’re kept awake at night by the pre-workout you took earlier in the day or you just have so much on your mind between training schedules and meal planning that your brain just can’t seem to turn off. Skimping on sleep has more repercussions than just fatigue – sleep is the most important element when it comes to muscle building and recovery. Toss and turn no more, Universal Nutrition Animal PM is here to help! With a revolutionary formula backed by the Universal guarantee, this powerful nighttime sleep aid is sure to have you snoozing your way to recovery in no time. Order your tub of Animal PM and experience the best sleep of your life!

Getting 6-8 hours of sleep every night may seem like a dream, but Universal Nutrition makes it a reality with Animal PM. Sleep is an essential element of any successful athletic regimen, whether your goal is to build muscle, maintain mass, or lose weight. This potent sleep aid packs a powerful punch that will have you snoring before your head even hits the pillow. Animal PM does more than just promote a restful night of sleep, its advanced formula works to promote anti-catabolic activity in your body. This means that while you sleep, your body will work to build and repair muscle, both boosting your overall gains and enhancing your recovery. Each pack of Animal PM is loaded with herbs and minerals to promote relaxation and aminos to promote recovery, so you can ease your way into a restful night of sleep knowing that your body will be repairing itself overnight.

Universal Animal PM works by using three powerful compounds each with its own targeted effect on your sleep and recovery. The first, the Sleep and Relaxation complex, targets your brain. Using a potent combination of natural herbs like Valerian root powder and Chamomile root powder, the Sleep and Relaxation complex in Animal PM slowly relax your body into effortless sleep. Next, the GH boosting complex, is aimed at GH (growth hormone) support. Animal PM’s GH boosting complex contains a key support blend of the amino acids-Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG), among others. These function to promote anti-catabolic activity in your body, which leads to increased lean muscle growth. Finally, the Immune and Recovery complex is loaded with amino acids designed to keep your body healthy and functioning optimally. With Universal Nutrition’s Animal PM, sleep deeper and recover faster. What are you waiting for? Order your tub today!

Accelerates muscle recovery
Enhances anti-catabolic activity
Reduces muscle soreness
Promotes REM sleep
Induces feelings of relaxation