APS Nutrition Plasmagen Nitrate 200 Caps

APS Nutrition

Introducing a complete Workout and Recovery System from APS Nutrition, Gym Enthusiasts and Fighters alike can’t live without Plasmagen once they have tried it! Now you can have the FULL-BLOWN POWER of a pre-workout powder in the convenience of a capsule. APS' Plasmagen Nitrate brings together an exclusive combination of highly synergistic compounds that will power your workout to a new level of intensity, while your recovery will be extremely fast! The best of both worlds in a Pill! Just combining beta-alanine and citrulline malate alone in specific doses can give you intense workouts with easy recovery, and will help boost your workout intensity, endurance and performance to amazing levels!

Plasmagen Nitrate delivers a perfect synergy of ingredients that allows its user to achieve these essential results

Skin-tearing pumps
Roadmap vascularity/vasodialation -Insane VO2 max (aerobic capacity) and endurance
Explosive strength and power
Increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity
Eliminates lactic acid, ammonia and other workout related toxins
Improved recovery rates