Phase 1 Nutrition PRE PHASE

Phase1 Nutrition

Phase 1 Nutrition PRE PHASE is the perfect daily drive pre-workout that provides a wave of energy, focus, and mood enhancement which will keep you powering through the gym. It'll keep you at peak performance for hours. This is one of the best well-rounded pre-workouts on the market.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 scoop (15.4g)
Serving Per Container: 25
Amount Per Serving %DV*
Calories 30
Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 250mg 278%
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate) 5mg 294%
Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) 250mcg 10,417%
L-Citrulline DL-Malate 6,000mg **
Beta Alanine 3,200mg **
Betaine (Trimethylglycine) 2,000mg **
L-Tyrosine 1,000mg **
Caffeine (as Caffeine Anhydrous, Liposomal Caffeine) 325mg **
DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate) 250mg **
Methyl Liberine Powder (Dynamine™) 250mg **
Methyl Liberine 100mg **
Chocolate (Theobroma cacao) Seed Extract 100mg **
*(DV) Daily Value Based on a 2000 calorie diet.

**Daily Value (DV) not established