Nutrex Lipo-6 Black Intense 60 caps

Nutrex Research

The INTENSE One-Pill-Only Fat Burner

Takes Fat Burning to the Absolute Extreme
Powerful Thermogenic Metabolizer
Intense Energy with TeaCrine
Maximum Appetite Control

You’re probably familiar with LIPO-6 BLACK Ultra Concentrate. Well, we have broken the mold and are introducing LIPO-6 BLACK INTENSE ULTRA CONCENTRATE. Our latest innovation takes fat burning to the absolute extreme. Its effects are absolutely INTENSE. They can be felt in minutes and are long-lasting. Just one single pill will give you the strongest, most comprehensive weight loss support, intense energy and maximum appetite control. With LIPO-6 BLACK INTENSE ULTRA CONCENTRATE we have pushed the envelope further than ever before. One pill only and you’ll go ‘Holy cow’