Muscle Pharm CLA Core 90 SoftGels


Muscle Pharm CLA Core 90 SoftGels
MusclePharm CLA Core! Clinically Proven Weight-loss Aid Essential Fatty Acid

Get your Metabolism Ignited with MusclePharm's CLA Core!

If you are looking to drop those unwanted Lbs. then CLA Core will boost your metabolism to ignite those pesky pounds. This product not only will it promote weight loss but it can also promote the increase of lean muscle so that none of your gains will be compromised.

CLA the main ingredient in CLA Core appears to prevent the decrease in metabolic rate usually associated with a decrease in caloric consumption. The benefits of CLA for fat loss are thus twofold, both assisting in the metabolism of stored body fat for fuel and preventing the metabolism from slowing down while on a diet.

Reduce fat while preserving muscle
Proven to support weight-loss
Promote healthy cholesterol levels
Promote Healthy Metabolic Rate
Reduce body fat