MHP Energy Mints


MHP Energy Mints​
On-The-Go - Conveniently Fast Acting Energy Mints with 150mg of Caffeine
Energy Mints – The On-The-Go, Fast Acting Energy Mint
Great-Tasting Source of Energy
Comes in Delicious Peppermint Flavor to Help Enhance Your Mood!

“Energy Mints” are designed by the innovative sports supplement company MHP (Maximum Human Performance). Each Fastsorb dissolving tablet is loaded with key ingredients that powerfully enhance focus and concentration. By letting the energy mint tablets melt in your mouth, you can take advantage of the superior mucosal absorption pathways via your tongue and mouth, making the impact almost instantaneous and superior to ordinary energy delivery systems. No mixing, measuring, or scooping required – simply pop one Fastsorb tablet in your mouth, and get ready to experience instant energy that lasts for hours. This makes Adrenaline Drive the ideal choice for anyone that lives an on-the-go lifestyle – whether you be an athlete, a gamer, or just looking for a mid-day pick-me-up, you can rely on Energy Mints for quick energy punch you need.

A Novel Absorption Pathway – Oral Mucosal Absorption

Your digestive system is complex and consists of many organs working in synchrony together to break down nutrients into smaller particles, that can be absorbed, and delivered to your bloodstream, where they are transported to key organs that need them for action – including your muscles, brain, and nervous system. When thinking of digestion and absorption, most may think about the stomach and intestine. But in fact, both digestion and absorption begin immediately in your mouth. The oral mucosa has a dense vascular system that can allow nutrients to directly enter the bloodstream, bypassing the normal digestive tract of the stomach, intestine, and liver passage. This method of oral mucosal absorption has been known and relied on by health professionals for years and offers a superior and faster-acting method of ingredient delivery (Clinical Pharmacokinetics (2002). 41(9), pp 661-680).