Maui Labs Delta 8 Shots

Maui Labs

Maui Labs Delta 8  Shots 

125mg Delta 8
2 ounces of liquid per bottle
Serving Size: ½ to 1 full bottle

Maui Labs D8 Shots deliver a potent shot of Delta-8 in a convenient energy shot. Maui Labs 2 oz Delta 8 shots contain 125mg of the purest, highest quality Delta 8 on earth.

Keep in cool, dry, and dark. Do not store in a humid environment or above room temperature. If you do not drink your shot completely, we recommend you refrigerate after opening.

Maui Labs D8 White Runtz Shots are one of our most effective blends. White Runtz is made of equal parts Skittlez and Gelato, a seriously potent strain. Maui Labs White Runtz destresses and relieves pain all day long. This blend works especially well for people with chronic pain, because of its long-lasting pain relief.

Cereal Milk is the ultimate “chill out” strain and works wonders on daily stress, as well as situational and chronic anxiety.

Sunset Gelato combines the strong anti-stressors with the eye-opening alertness of your morning coffee. This strain is a particularly good appetite stimulant.