LG Sciences Methoxyvone 60 ct

LG Sciences

LG Sciences Methoxyvone 60 ct

Methoxyvone supports protein synthesis and this effect triggers positive nitrogen stability helping in building up of protein and thus builds up skeletal muscle mass.  

Supports Muscle Growth

Supports Recovery

Supports Lean Muscle 

Several of the flavones that held promise were originally discovered and patented by a Hungarian company who held a patent that did not expire until 1997. Two of these compounds were 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone (U.S. patent 4,163,746) and 7-Isopropoxyisoflavone have been shown to increase protein synthesis and increase lean mass, but they also reduced body fat, promoted endurance, an increased state of vitality, and increased the body’s ability to use oxygen! In other words, these are the definition of the ideal anabolic supplements… Scientific studies give evidence to support these results.