NutraKey Glutamine 100 Caps


As one of the most abundant non-essential amino acids in your body, Glutamine (glutamic acid) is a crucial component of cell growth, protein synthesis, and muscle/tissue repair. Glutamine is recommended for athletes because it helps prevent muscle breakdown and supports development and recovery. NutraKey Glutamine is manufactured in the USA with non-GMO ingredients and provided in micronized powder form for easy absorption.

Studies have shown that even moderate amounts of exercise can quickly deplete the free glutamine levels throughout your body and muscle tissue to critical levels. When this happens, your body has no choice but to enter a catabolic state – breaking down muscle tissue in order to free the glutamine and BCAAs it needs to function and operate at increased levels of exertion.*

Low glutamine levels are especially harmful when dieting or training hard, and it may result in significant muscle breakdown and increased recovery time and soreness.*