GenXlabs Women Muscle Tank Top with FREE Shorts M.R.S Fitness Wear CLEARANCE


M.R.S Fitness Wear Muscle Tank Top for Women with FREE Shorts

100% Signature Light weigh Polyester Mesh The Look and Feel Sexy 

GenXLabs M.R.S size and fit for women Athletic, any where the training field, gym or on the street! 

Lightweight, breathable mesh will keep you cool and comfortable as you test your limits on the weight bench or on the court.

Good Flexibility, Good Breathability And Really Comfortable In The Gym!

When you're passionate about living an active lifestyle, you should feel great about what you're wearing both in and out of the gym!

Ready to take on anyone who stands in your way in the GenXLabsMuscles-R-Sexy Jersey Mesh Tank. Extra wide neck and shoulders allows freedom to train harder just like the words on the back "Want more? Train Harder"

Custom V-tapered Physique enhancing fit.

Made out of our 100% signature lightweigh polyester mesh with contrasting twin panel piping.

Athletic design – ensures durability, a stylish fit with lightweight breathable mesh ensuring you remain cool and comfortable for every training session.

Ideal for any training situation, whether it be in the gym, running, cross training or even as casual street wear.

Lightweight mesh ensures any moisture dries quickly, making these ideal to wear anywhere and everywhere!

Reinforced Construction

This Sleeveless knit Jersey tank top are for the hard-core Athletics who enjoy looking big yet sexy. Size to fit V-Tapered  with GenXLabs 79 print at front. Why 79? That is the year CEO Christina started in the Fitness industry. GenXLabs M.R.S on the back "Want More? Train Harder:  If you push the limits like you push the iron then M.R.S Muscles-R-Sexy clothing fitness apparel is for you.


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