Core Nutritionals Shred Powder

Core Nutritionals

Core Nutritionals Shred Powder 56 servings

Non-Stimulant Thermogenic Powder
Stimulant-free thermogenic

We’ve taken our typical approach to product formulation – proven ingredients at clinically effective and clinically proven serving sizes – and applied it to creating a comprehensive, multiple-pathway non-stimulant thermogenic product. The result is a product covering major pathways of lipolysis in multiple, non-redundant, and synergistic ways, all without any neurological stimulation whatsoever.

Whether you’re taking a break from stimulants, are stimulant sensitive, or simply want a non-stimulant thermogenic to stack with our excellent stimulant-based offerings, Core SHRED is the perfect solution. Use it anytime, night or day, to help crush your regular exercise program and consistent diet!