Core Nutritionals Pump

Core Nutritionals

Core Nutritionals Pump, a non-stimulant pre-workout supplement. Core PUMP claims to target various aspects of performance, including pump, endurance, strength, and focus. The absence of stimulants is highlighted, suggesting that it aims to enhance workout performance without causing jitters or reliance on caffeine.

Some key points and claims:

Full Spectrum Non-Stimulant Pre-Workout:  Core Nutritionals Pump is designed to cover a broad range of performance-enhancing aspects without relying on stimulants.

Targeted Ingredients for Pump, Endurance, Strength, and Focus: Core PUMP claims to address multiple aspects of workout performance by including specific ingredients for enhancing pump (blood flow to muscles), endurance, strength, and focus.

Cutting-Edge and Trademarked Ingredients:  Pump cutting-edge and trademarked ingredients suggest that Core Nutritionals has incorporated proprietary and advanced elements in their formula, which could set their product apart from others in the market.

Scientifically Sound Formula: The claim of a scientifically sound formula implies that the ingredients have been selected based on scientific research and evidence.

No Stimulants or Jitters: The absence of stimulants is highlighted as a positive aspect for those who want to avoid the stimulating effects often associated with pre-workout supplements.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 Scoops
Servings Per Container 20

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Beta-Alanine 3200 mg-
L-Citrulline 6000 mg-
Alpha GPC 50% 600 mg-
HydroMax (65% Glycerol Powder) 2000 mg-
Betaine Nitrate (N03-T) 2500 mg-
Peak02 2000 mg-
([Cordyceps Militaris (Cordyceps) (Root), Ganoderma Lucidim (Reishi) (Root), Pleurotus eryngii (King Trumpet)(Root)Lentinula Edodes (Shiitake)(Root), Hericium Erinaceus (Lions Mane) (Root), And Trametes Versicolor (Turkey Tail) (Root))

Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Natural & Artificial Flavor, Malic Acid, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium.