Chemical Warfare The Bomb

Chemical Warfare

Chemical Warfare The Bomb 30 servings

The Bomb is a highly potent stimulant-based pre-workout that includes cutting-edge, patented pump and focus ingredients.

The Bomb is designed to be taken prior to exercise and will get you into the zone to get you ready for hardcore training. This product contains carefully formulated ratios of stimulants that kick start your body, increase nitric oxide levels, increase strength and enhance cognitive function.

The Bomb has three attributes, unlike other pre-workouts. It has a two-stage energy release system providing an initial surge of energy followed by a sustained time-released flow. By using Teacrine as well as Caffeine the crash is massively reduced, and unparalleled levels of energy are recorded.

The Bomb provides a nitric oxide enhanced pump like no other by using 1G of Agmatine Sulphate and 6g of L Citrulline Malate that is absorbed quicker by the inclusion of Astragin in the product.

Elevated cognitive focus is imperative when preparing for your particular warzone and you need to be able to think clearly and prepare your mind to push forward to victory. With this in mind, we have added 200mg of Alpha GPC, a well-researched ingredient that rapidly delivers choline to the brain across the blood-brain barrier thus improving sports performance, increase strength, and stimulate the release of growth hormone.