BlackMarket Labs Stim

Black Market Labs

STIM by BlackMarket Labs. STIM is a pre-workout supplement that claims to provide an intense energy boost and enhanced mental focus to support more effective workouts. STIM is marketed as having a high-tolerance formula, which means it may be suitable for individuals who have developed a tolerance to similar products or who are looking for a long-lasting energizing effect without experiencing a post-workout crash.

Supplement Facts

30 servings per container
Serving Size 1 Scoop (7.3gms)
Amount per serving_30
%Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 10
Total Carbohydrates 1gm <1%
Dietary Fiber <1gms 3%
Vitamin B12 67.3 mcg 2800%
Sodium 1 mg <1%
Performance Enhancement 3205 mg **
Beta-Alanine, Black Pepper Extract (fruit) (Piper nigrum)(Bioperine)
Energy Complex: 671 mg**
Caffeine Anhydrous (400 mg) Theobromine, Higenamine HCL, Vitamin B12 1% (as Cyanocobalamin), Yohimbine HCL**
Focus Complex 381mg *
Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL, Mucuna L-Dopa Huperzia Serrata Extract 1%(Huperzine A)
Bliss Complex 530mg *
Choline Bitartrate, L-Theanine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Hordenine HCL 530 mg

Other Ingredients: Chicory inulin, malic acid, natural and artificial flavors, silicon dioxide, calcium silicate, sucralose, citric acid, acesulfame potassium, trisodium citrate, FD&C red #40.