Better Bodies Athlete Short Top Hot Pink

Better Bodies

Better Bodies Athlete Short Top Hot Pink 

(Discontinue Limited Supply)
This excellent short top has a great combination of fabric, design, comfort, flexibility, and functionality. 
Only While Supply - Last Limited Sizes and Colors 
It's equipped with our special BB logo elastic and a detail seam at the front to show a feminine look.

The nice design at back with adjustable shoulder straps brings out the best of your athletic back.

The high-performance Meryl fabric together with the contrast-colored mesh lining gives great breathability and a perfect tight fit.

It accelerates dry time and helps maintain shape after intense workouts.

This product is very well-suited for photo sessions!​

What is so great about Better Bodies, all the clothing is the same color. So you can mix and match any garment and still be in fashion 

Quality: 89% Polyamide (Meryl), 11% Lycra

Fit: Tight fit, Runs Small