ABL Pharma Phenti Dream

ABL Pharma Lab

ABL Pharma Phenti Dream is a strong advanced sleep aid formulated to help support restful sleep.
Rest and recovery is important to maintain and improve performance and every day tasks.
For athletes, a deep sleep helps your growth hormone and your growth hormone stimulates muscle growth, repair bone building and fat burning.

Supplement Facts
25 servings per container
Serving Size 1 Scoop (6.5 g)
Vitamin D3 1000 IU 250%
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) 10 mg 500%
Magnesium (as Magnesium Aspartate) 450 mg 110%
Zinc (as Zinc Aspartate) 30 mg 200%
L-Tryptophan 250 mg **
Phenibut 750 mg **
L-Theanine 500 mg **
Mucuna Pruriens Extract 100 mg **
Melatonin 5 mg **