Designed Protein Grass Fed Whey 22 servings

Designer Protein

Designed Protein Grass Fed Whey 22 servings

All Natural Source
Natural whey from year-round grass fed Wisconsin cows cared for with a diet free of artificial growth hormones and antibiotics.

GMO Free
No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Sweeteners or Preservatives
Vegetable-Based Digestive Enzymes To Support Protein Absorption
Contains no Added Sugar
GMO Free
rBGH Free
Certified Gluten-Free
Certified Kosher
100% Grass Fed Whey
rBGH- Free Whey From Milk Without Artificial Growth Hormones
Leading Protein-Rich Nutrition Since 1993
Natural Protein Powder with Added Performance Benefits*
Designer Protein is a leader in high quality protein products that support healthy nutrition, fitness and overall well-being. Our range includes whey & plant-based proteins designed for health, strength, power and performance.

25 g High Performance 100% Whey Protein

Versus Regular Designer Whey

5 g More Protein
50x More Whey Isolate
28% More BCAAs With 50% More L-Leucine
33% More Electrolytes
*The Prebiotic Fiber From Vegetables Contains 2 Calories/Gram Unlike Digestible Carbohydrates Which Contain 4 Calories/Gram.