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Xtreme Performance Gels Ursa Gel

XPG Ursolic Acid Skin Gel
70 mg. per ml/100 servings per bottle

70 mg. Ursolic Acid (from Sodium Ursolate) per ml.
7 grams Ursolic Acid (from Sodium Ursolate) per bottle
Ursa-Gel is a topical Ursolic Acid product that contains 70 mg. per ml. (7 grams per bottle).
What is Ursolic Acid?
Ursolic Acid is a naturally occurring triterpenoid found in apples, rosemary, basil, certain berries, and
some other plants.
What is Ursolic Acid commonly used for?
Ursolic Acid is commonly used to support body-recomposition benefits including promoting a more fit and athletic appearance and to support building or retaining lean muscle while burning fat.