VPX Meltdown Princess 75 caps (Discontinue Limited Supply)

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VPX Meltdown Princess 75 caps

The Ultimate Fat Incinerator for Women

Would you take a men’s multivitamin? Of course not, but most women take fat burner’s made for men every day. Most fat burners on the market use a one capsule fit all approach, but VPX’s MD Princess was designed specifically for women. It helps you burn fat faster, supports energy levels, and appetite like no other fat burner on the market.

Turn “Off” Fat Storage and Turn “ON” Fat Burning

MD Princess VPX was formulated to burn more fat at rest while stopping your body from storing fat. You will feel your body metabolic rate in high gear after your first dose of MD Princess.

Supports Fat Burning
Supports Energy and Focus
Clean Energy, No Jitters
Supports Appetite Reduction
Supports Metabolism