BSN True-Mass Gainer 1200 10.25 lbs


BSN True-Mass Gainer 1200
This product is perfect for an athlete who is ready for some serious mass gainer wanting to achieve lean muscles. Or someone who has difficulty maintaining mass. BSN True-Mass 1200 contains 1,200 calories per serving, 25g of naturally occuring EAAS per serving, and 12g of naturally occurring BCAAS per serving, making it a heavy weight gainer. Along with all the calories for muscle gain, True-Mass has great nutrition because it includes ground up whole oats, which makes it extremely tasty!

One of the biggest thing about this powder is that its made with BSN's signature Ultra Premium Mass Gainer formula along with a blend of special carbs to support extreme muscle exertion and help prepare for recovery. What more can you ask for? A simple delicious drink that leaves your body ready for the next bench press on top showing fast results. The formula creates healthy fats to quickly burn through those to keep up with the extreme workouts!

Calorie Support
Recovery and Nutrition
Medium Chain Triglycerides
Exclusive Flavor Technology
So what is the difference? Since they have almost the same name, they should be the same right? Wrong. They are different in many ways. True-Mass formula is a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein, where as True-Mass 1200 has a ratio of 4:1. So if you are looking for a more filling and calorie heavy formula, True-Mass 1200 is your leader. BSN protein powders are designed to with small amount of fat and carbs to stay under the 200 calorie limit. They are used as a post workout drink along with staying in the recommended protein intake. Both of these formulas can be used for each purpose, but True-Mass 1200 is intended for athletes who need extra calories above the normal intake to to gain muscle or people that need help maintaining calories.