Think Thin Low Carb Diet Bars 10 bars box

Think Thin

Think Thin Low Carb Diet Bars 10 bars box

Great Tasting!

Meal Alternative Nutrition Bars With Only 2g Effective Carbs!

Think Thin bars are a wholesome natural bar that tastes great and are wheat and gluten-free. The ideal meal replacement for a low carb lifestyle. Bring incredible delicious energy wherever you go. Current research supports a healthy low carb diet as a key component in improved health and weight loss.

At Think Thin Products, we have spent many years developing a low carb, high protein, all-natural product that is good for your years to come.
Think Thin does not include artificial sweeteners, fillers, and additives found in many other bars. Think Thin uses natural ingredients to create a nutrition bar that is: sugar-free, great-tasting, only 2 grams of effective carbs, wheat & gluten-free (except S'mores), GMO-free, palm kernel oil and cotton oil-free, Sucralose free, 20 grams of protein.