R+D Body Super XD-V2 120 Caps

R+D Body

R+D Body Super XD-V2 120 Caps

Super XD ​- The Best Fat Burner and Weight Loss Pills Supplement with Green Tea Extract

Most weight loss supplements on the market may claim to help you lose weight but they are actually failing to target your fat cells. This is important and detrimental for gym connoisseurs because when you are targeting your muscle for weight loss, you are greatly reducing the lean muscle mass of your body as well! Unfortunately...losing lean mass means that you will be hindering your future fat-burning potential and therefore parting from the results and goals that you are after.

Super XD Appetite Suppressant - Energetic and Focus Driven!

This extremely powerful weight loss supplement has been formulated to boost metabolism and target fat loss while keeping your hard-earned lean muscle - helping you get the toned body and extreme definition you want! Super XD has been crafted to include a selective set of thermogenic compounds that support and maximize results!


Help increase core body temperature
Ramp up your basal metabolic rate (BMR)
Increase the burning of stored fat all day long
Help even out insulin levels
Help reduce and suppress cravings
No crash or nausea feeling while boosting energy levels that last all-day