Outlier Nutrition Shuttle 240 ct (DISCONTINUE)

Outlier Nutrition

Outlier Nutrition Shuttle 240 ct

Shuttle | Insulin Mimicker

Insulin is one of the body’s muscle building growth factor and plays a key role in muscular development. Insulin is involved in the delivery of carbohydrates, fats and protein from the bloodstream into your cells, including muscle cells. 

Learning how to manipulate your insulin levels will result in more nutrients being delivered to your muscles for growth. Outlier nutrition has developed shuttle for this very reason. Shuttle is an insulin mimicking product designed to get the most out of your current diet and will assist you in delivering nutrients to where they are needed most. Most people view carbohydrates as the enemy and believe that they will only result in adding more body fat. Although eating too many carbohydrates can result in the body storing fat, some carbohydrates are needed for glycogen to use as fuel for energy for your work outs. Taking a serving of shuttle after a carbohydrate meal will aid your body in utilizing carbohydrates for muscle growth. Shuttle works best if consumed with a high carbohydrate meal twice daily.