Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals N.O Creatine

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals N.O Creatine

N.O. Overload is a proprietary, powerful pre-workout formula from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals that contains over 30 state of the art compounds along with:

Hi-Tech arginine inhibitors

Hi-Tech muscle cell volumizing and work performance technology

Nitric oxide blend
Micro-Rx/Extend-Rx Technology
Thermo-Rx and Hi-Tech Energy Complex

This multi-directional formulation was made to create an optimal pre-workout metabolic environment by making a staging area in the bloodstream of key compounds that work together to enhance nitric oxide production. This means more intense and longer muscular contraction across a spectrum of various resistance and endurance training platforms.

Rapid muscular size
Improved vascularity
Increased strength and endurance
World’s strongest nitric oxide injection system
Optimizes your mind-muscle connection

Nitric oxide is an important cellular messenger chemical that’s central to many biological processes. Even though NO supplements have gained popularity over the last few years, few people understand why. When L-arginine reaches the cells of the inner layer of arterial walls, the enzyme nitric oxide synthase (NOS) forms nitric oxide. When NO levels rise, blood vessels widen, which results in increased blood volume. This is the effect bodybuilders want, because it makes the most of the grueling exchange of oxygen, glucose, amino acids, creatine, and waste byproducts of muscular contraction such as lactic acid that are part of the response of the muscle during and immediately after an intense workout.