Vital Labs Phenibut 120 caps. (DISCONTINUE)


Vital Labs Phenibut 120 caps

Phenibut it a nootropic that tickles your body's GABA receptors helping to significantly reduce anxiety, improve your mood and promote pro-social behavior.

Users have reported: “you will just feel pleasant, friendly and talkative.”
Its stress conquering properties are so strong, that when taken in higher dosages it helps to put your mind at ease promoting a deep restful sleep, helping you to wake up fully refreshed.

Ask yourself, do you want to feel:
Happy? Relaxed? Refreshed? Social?
Then start conquering your mind and mood with Vital Phenibut! Get it now!

Key Benefits of Vital Phenibut:
Helps Reduce Anxiety
Helps Enhance Mood
Helps Improve Sleep Patterns
Helps You Fall Asleep