Mango Passionfruit Lip Wick Lip Balm by Soaplicity


Fulfilled by our friends at Soaplicity

Our Mango Passionfruit lip balm feels as good as it smells! So sweet and tantalizing. Made from 100% all natural ingredients, it is specially formulated to wick moisture to the lips and then lock it in for hours of relief while providing natural sun protection from Hazelnut Oil and Red Raspberry Seed Oils.  

The unique oval shape of our containers make them easy to store in pockets, and they won't roll off counters or tables.  Our female customers have also reported that they works synergistically with lipstick to create demi-glosses out of their favorite shades. Simply apply Lip Wick of your choice to lips then top with your favorite lip stick, and you have a demi-gloss that lasts and lasts.

Lip Wicks come in various, tantalizing flavors made from essential and/or organic, all-natural flavoring oils that taste and smell great but won't make you lick your lips too much, thus drying them out.  Try one or all of them today!  Price breaks available at quantities of 3 and 7.

Our Promise:  You will never find artificial colors, artificial fragrances, microwave processes, sulfates, parabens, or cruelty testing in any of our products.

Note: These lip balms contain nut oils.