LG Sciences 1-Andro 60ct

LG Sciences

LG Sciences 1-Andro 60ct
Perfect for Cutting
1-Andro is the perfect supplement for cutting or to stack with other products

Supports Lean, Dry Muscle Mass
Supports Fat Loss
1-Androstenolone is also called 3b-hydroxy-5a-androst-1-en-17-one or 1-ANDRO by many in the bodybuilding community for short. 1-Androstenolone is an androgenic sex hormone and does not convert to Estrogen or DHT. This means it’s PURELY ANABOLIC. It stays as a 1-Testosterone after conversion and stays 1-Test until the hormone is used for gene transcription. It will not be broken down to estrogen or DHT. 1-Androstenolone is a naturally occurring DHEA Isomer that will not and cannot convert to estrogen or testosterone, but rather converts to a non-estrogenic compound called 1-Testosterone! Since 1-Androstenolone does not convert to estrogen it actually has anti-estrogenic effects by changing the ratio of androgens to estrogens, which means it is a perfect compound to use if you are doing a cutting cycle as it will aid in fat loss as demonstrated in preliminary studies with the compound. 1-Androstenolone products are great stackers, and can be stacked with almost any compound when lean gains are desired.