Sparta Nutrition Keto BCAA (code: save10)

Sparta Nutrition

Keto BCAA features a combination of BHB ketones, recovery enhancing BCAAs, glutamine and the PeakO2 performance blend.

The Keto Series was designed to help you as a hard-training athlete while utilizing a nutrition protocol with minimal or zero carbohydrates. We understand that training is difficult when getting into ketosis. Stored glycogen disappears, electrolytes are low, and we can't cheat with carbs. We also understand that some protein and BCAA products can still spike insulin and blood sugar levels, so we designed a series of products to ensure that you get what you need, all the while maintaining that epic state of ketosis.

Although many keto athletes and dieters understand the critical consequences of over-abundant carbohydrates in their diet, many fail to understand that proper protein and amino acid supplementation (and their timing) is an essential component to maximizing muscle tissue while working out on a keto lifestyle. At Sparta Nutrition, we understand this essential element of your life. That is why we set out to provide you with the premier line of keto minded products, to fuel your life and feed your training.

So let's make sure that your workout doesn't go to waste. Meet Keto BCAA: