IronMag Labs 5a Laxogen Rx with FREE Hard Natural Body


IronMag Labs 5a Laxogen Rx


The Building Block of Anabolism!
Helps With Lean Mass, Strength, and Recovery!
Helps Increases Protein Synthesis
Helps Increases Nitrogen Retention
Helps Faster Recovery from Intense Workouts
Helps Lean Muscle Gains
Helps Regulates Cortisol Levels
Can Be Used by Men and Women
Are you looking to build muscle and promote strength without the nasty side effects of prohormones? The 5a-Laxogen from IronMagsLabs is for you! 5a-Laxogen has the similar ratio to Anavar, but without the side effects of liver toxicity or testing positive for unapproved substanceal therapy. Laxogen is derived from plants and is the unapproved substance building block to building muscle.


FREE Hard Natural Body is a potent substance which helps increase the natural levels of test in the body. High levels of test can make the difference between strong, well-developed muscles or a flabby, smooth appearance. Incredible gains in lean muscle mass with less body fat have been reported with the use of HARD and NATURAL.