IP Pharma Novaplex

IP Pharma

IP Pharma Novaplex is a testosterone optimizing supplement that supports natural testosterone, decrease estrogen, and libido.
This supplement may enhance a potent anabolic response which stimulates protein synthesis and muscle growth. It can also help you gain lean mass quickly, simultaneously helping to reduce body fat.

This is a new supplement that does it all: increase test, block estrogen, increase androgen levels, build lean muscle, and melt away fat. It may sound too good to be true, but we have the blood work to prove it! Independent volunteers ran cycles with this supplement, and the results were extremely impressive!

Lean Muscle Mass Rapidly!
May Lower Estrogen Levels Drastically
May Increase Natural Test
May Boost Libido
Helps Block Estrogen
Increase Androgen Levels
Build Lean Muscle
Support Fat Loss