Axis Labs HemodrauliX Powder

Axis Labs

HemodrauliX contains the breakthrough ingredient to support the key enzyme, NOS.

The result: Ridiculous Pumps! Excited yet?

Mix With Your Pre For Skin Bursting Pumps! Up-Regulate NOS!

Free of Artificial Dyes

HemodrauliX up-regulates the nitric oxide producing enzyme Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS). Prepare yourself for even bigger pumps, more strength, and deeper muscle stimulation. Additionally, HemodrauliX combines the power of Beta-Alanine to stimulate Carnosine production which helps reduce muscle fatigue while training. Put your training on a faster track and start supplementing with HemodrauliX today. 

Let us quickly establish what HemodrauliX is not. HemodrauliX is not your run of the mill, knock-off NO supplement. There is much more to NO than just Arginine and we are unleashing this in a big way with HemodrauliX.