Grenade USA Grenade Thermo Detonator 100 caps

Grenade USA

Declare War On Fat!*

Deliver Controlled, Sustained Energy Support!*


With an extensive background in sports nutrition, exercise physiology and product development, Grenade Founder and CEO – Alan Barratt, was approached three years ago by a Royal Marine, one of the UK's elite fighting units, who wanted to lose some body fat and increase his performance as he attempted selection for the infamous 22 Regiment – better known as the SAS. Other products he had used had failed to impress so what was needed here was an entirely new approach to raw material quality and selection as well as a specific combination of ingredients that would WORK.

After months of research and testing of various formulas, we found a combination that met the specific criteria that had been demanded to attempt the rigorous SAS Selection process. It delivered the following results:

  • Suppressed appetite*
  • Delivered controlled sustained energy*
  • Metabolized body fat*
  • Increased alertness and mental focus*