Fat Away- High Potency - 60 capsules by Alfa Vitamins

Alfa Vitamins

Fulfilled by our friends at Alfa Vitamins

Fat Away is a formula that aids with weight control. It is based on nutrients involved in glucose metabolism and digestive processes. Its purpose is to help provide energy and reduce appetite while decreasing fat accumulation in the body.

The mineral chromium is necessary for energy production and healthy levels of blood sugar.

Chitosan fiber helps to flush fat during the digestive process, preventing it from being absorbed in excess. Also the Glucomannan, which is extracted from the Konjac plant, is rich in dietary fiber, works as a natural sweetener and helps create an impression of fullness which lessens appetite.

Psyllium Husk contributes to the health of digestion with a laxative effect which facilitates regular bowel movement and disposal of waste.

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit extract that stimulates metabolism and by this effect is highly appreciated on weight loss plans.

Apple Pectin is rich in soluble fiber that helps regulate the digestive system and glucose levels.



Features Supplement Fat Away  

  • Made in the USA
  • Promotes metabolism to produce energy 
  • Help avoid excessive  fat absorption and reduces appetite for its high fiber content
  • Supports a healthy digestive process and regular bowel movement