CollagenC - Skin Glow Shot - Orange-Ginger Flavor 2.5oz bottle - 20 Pack by Alfa Vitamins

Alfa Vitamins

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Collagen Skin Glow Shot

Maintain a healthy skin, hair, nails & joints with the key nutrients in each on-the-go CollagenC Shot.

CollagenC® is packed with health-protecting anti-aging vitamins and minerals that help promote a younger looking skin. Each shot contains 10g of Collagen, 1000mg of Vitamin C, 1000mcg of Biotin, and 100 IU of Vitamin D3.

Fight premature aging with CollagenC Shots & Boosts your immune system.


  • Gives you natural glowing skin
  • Helps you fight the common cold
  • Promotes Healthy Skin
  • Supports Joints
  • Promotes healthy hair and nail growth
  • 20 Pack - 20 day Supply
  • 0 SUGAR
  • Delicious natural Orange-Ginger flavor