USN BlueLab 100% Whey 2lbs


USN BlueLab 100% Whey 2lbs

Easy Digesting Whey Protein Blend
Ultra Premium Tasty Whey Protein Powder

USN BlueLab100% Whey is scientifically formulated to meet ultra-premium quality standards as a whey protein concentrate, hydrolysate and isolate blend.

BlueLab 100% Whey is our premium-quality Whey Protein blend, for optimal muscle support and recovery, as well as optimal nitrogen retention and amino acid conversion. It’s formulated with the highest grade whey protein isolate, hydrolysate and concentrate.

25g of supreme quality whey protein per serving
5.2g of Naturally Present BCAAs Per Serving!
Support and Recovery
Optimal nitrogen retention and amino acid conversion
Easy digesting whey protein Isolate, Hydrolysate and Concentrate