Psycho Pharma Asylum Anytime BCAA with Laxogenin

Psycho Pharma

Asylum Anytime BCAA With Laxogenin! Muscle Recovery & Hydration, 50 mg Of Laxogenin For Protein Synthesis, Energy, Mood & Focus, circulation & Blood Flow Matrix!

Psycho Pharma Asylum Anytime BCAA is a one-of-kind bcaa formula that goes way beyond any other bcaa on the market! We've included a powerful pump matrix, an energy/focus complex, coconut water for extreme hydration and laxogenin to take protein synthesis farther than you ever thought possible - don't even bother with those other bcaa formula's - get insane results with Asylum Anytime BCAA!

  • Stimulates Protein Synthesis – Amplified by Laxogenin
  • Increased Muscle Growth and Strength
  • Increased Energy, Focus and Mood
  • Huge Pumps
  • Increase Nutrient Delivery
  • Increased Hydration for Improved Performance
  • Improved Recovery