Advanced Muscle Science Arom-X Sedds Chrome 60 tabs. (Discontinue Limited Supply)

Advanced Muscle Science

Advanced Muscle Science Arom-X Sedds Chrome

Arom-X SEDDS Chrome uses an aromatase inhibitor to block estrogen in two ways.
First, Arom-X blocks aromaste, which is the enzyme in the body that turns testosterone into estrogen.

Second, Arom-X blocks at the receptor, which further eliminates estrogen.
Arom-X is a testosterone boosting and estrogen blocking PCT matrix that can be used as an off-cycle hormonal restoration therapy or can be taken as an everyday testosterone booster. Arom-X can be used daily for up to 12 weeks and it can be used for 4 weeks to recover from a cycle

Contains Ellagic Acid (standardized 90%), Resveratrol (standardized 95%) and 7,8 Benzoflavone
Testosterone Booster
Non-Liver Toxic
Powerful off-cycle PCT
Increases LH or Luteinizing Hormone production
Anti-Aromatase Formula
Estrogen Suppression
Restores Natural Testosterone Output!
Strong, Safe & Effective